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"Devendra Jewellers" is a leading manufacturer of Jadau Jewellery in Bikaner. Our wide collection of Jadau necklace, Jadau Sets, Jadau HathPhool, Jadau Earrings, and Jadau Bangle is a stunning epitome of traditional polki and jadau jewellery for the modern indian bride.

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Jadau & Polki Collection

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Our Jadau & Polki Jewellery makes an ideal gift for every special event, including birthdays, graduations and weddings. Choose a classic, elegant look, or opt for something more fashion forward to really stand out.

Devendra Jewellers sells timeless pieces designed to be treasured forever. Contact us to find out more.


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Looking for the perfect piece of polki jewellery to celebrate an upcoming occasion? Let Devendra Jewellers help.

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Why Devendra Jewellers?

The Best Manufacturing Unit of Polki and Jadau Jewellery

We had introduced our Manufacturing unit in Bikaner (Rajasthan), which is now considered as the hub of jadau jewellery. Jadau jewellery is basically a technique of jewellery manufacturing where precious stones like uncut diamonds (polki), pearls, rubies and emeralds are studded into kundan to provide you a perfect jewellery for your loved ones . We are the intermediator for loved ones Since 1996 .

We are well aware that your gifted jewellery is emotion for someone ( A Jewellery given as a token of lasting affection to symbolize continuity ) we bring a Jadau and Polki Jewellery for your loved ones. In our fashion industry where the trends keep changing promptly, there are plenty of trends that have had its course, like our Polki and Jadau Jewllry lain low only to become more popular after a while. Here we go with some of our everlasting Jadau Jewellery.

We provide a wide collection of Jadau necklace, Jadau bangle, Jadau hathphool, Jadau earrings, Jadau pendant and kundan meena polki Jewellery which is a epitome of traditional polki and jadau jewellery for the modern Indian bride at the timing of their most precious time which is their ring ceremony or wedding.

Devendra Jewellers is among the finest manufacturer when it comes to provide one of the best jewellery for your dear ones. Our designs have been crafted by highly experienced craftsmen who know how we can add more love to this jewellery.


Pradhumn Soni

Loved it! The website is neat and user-friendly and jadau jewellery collection is so great.

Renu Sharma

Best place to buy jewellery in bikaner. The customized ones are promising. The designs are new and they provide alot of good options.

Devesh Gaur

Good collection of antique and personalised jewellery.


If I could give Devendra Jewellers 10 stars, I would! This is because the quality of the jewellery as well as the customer service is just beyond this world. I would definitely recommend doing purchase from Devendra Jewellers as you will never be disappointed!